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We are two childhood friends from Germany, who decided to start their own business in June 2016.

Brought up in Germany, baking and cooking was always a big part of our life. 

Mom taught us from little on how to make all the tasty and traditional treats.


After moving to the US, we often missed the taste of "home" and Sunday Afternoon Coffee, where every one gets together to enjoy a cup of coffee and some home made pastries. When we tried to recreate our German recipes, we were disappointed at fist, because they didn't taste like "home".After many tries we discovered two things:

First, we needed an accurate kitchen scale, since all German recipes are measured in metric units and being a couple of grams off, can change the entire outcome.

Second, the right ingredients are key for an authentic taste. We decided that organic ingredients result in the best pastries and cakes, making them taste just like "home".


For years we have baked for our coworkers and friends, especially around the holidays. Everyone told us, how they loved our baked goods, and that we should start our own business.

When we both got laid off from our previous jobs as accountants, we decided that it was time to pursue our dream of our own business and our passion for baking. "Fraulein's Bakery" was born in June 2016. We agreed to start small, renting a commercial kitchen and introducing our baked goods to customers at local farmer's markets.

We use all organic, non GMO, fare trade ingredients, sourced locally if possible, to bring out the authentic and traditional flavors of Germany and Europe. All our baked goods are handcrafted in small batches, bursting with distinct flavors.


We are grateful for this opportunity  and appreciate all our customers, who support small local businesses.It has been an amazing journey for us! Thank you all, we hope you enjoy our baked goods.

Mona & Lilly

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