Fraulein's Bakery cakes are handcrafted in small batches with all organic ingredients and does not use any artificial colors or flavorings.
Enjoy a wide variety from traditional fruity Streusel, like tart cherry and plums, to authentic chocolaty Sacher Torte and tender, buttery Linzer Torte. Traditional German baking is also know for marzipan, hazelnuts and almonds, which is incorporated in Fraulein's authentic cakes.
Black Forest Cake
Erdbeer Rhabarber Streusel Kuchen
Hazelnut corner with a buttery, soft shortbread, filled with apricot preserves and drizzled with dark chocolate
Ingredients: hazelnut meal, *butter, *cane sugar, *flour (*wheat flour, *malted barley flour), 48% semisweet chocoalte (sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), pasture raised eggs, apricot preserves (apricots, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, fruit pectin), aluminum free baking powder, *vanilla extract
Contains: Tree Nuts, Wheat, Eggs, Dairy
Sacher Torte
A chocolate cake made with organic breadcrumbs, filled with apricot preserve and glazed with chocolate
Ingredients: 48% semisweet chocolate (sugar, cacao beans, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), pasture raised eggs, *cane sugar, *butter, apricot preserve (cane sugar, apricots, apricot juice concentrate, fruit pectin), *breadcrumbs, *vanilla extract
Contains: Eggs, Dairy, Wheat
Linzer Torte
A buttery, fruity Torte
comes in 2 flavors & sizes, traditional raspberry or strawberry, as a Mini (3 inches) or large (8 inches)
Ingredients: *flour (*wheat flour, *malted barley flour), almond flour, *butter, *cane sugar, raspberry fruit spread or *strawberry conserve, pasture raised eggs, aluminum free baking powder, *vanilla extract, *cinnamon, *almond extract, *milk, salt
Contains: Wheat, Tree Nuts, Dairy, Eggs
Getrankter Orangenkuchen
Orange & Lemon soaked cake
Ingredients: *flour (*wheat flour, *malted barley), *butter, *cane sugar, pasture raised eggs, *orange juice & zest, *lemon juice & zest, *cornstarch, *powdered sugar (*cane sugar, *tapioca), aluminium free baking powder, *vanilla extract
Contains: Wheat, Dairy, Eggs
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Black Forest Cake