Thanksgiving Menu 2019


fresh organic apples, rum soaked raisins, homemade toasted breadcrumbs with a hint of cinnamon and organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, wrapped in a paper thin, buttery strudel dough

$ 8.-

Tarts & Pastries

Maple Tart

a buttery tart shell filled with creamy maple custard

Individual $ 7.-

Large $ 40.-

Cranberry Lime

a twist on a classic key lime pie, a tart filled with a delicious, smooth organic cranberry crud on an organic spiced graham cracker crust

Individual $ 6.-

Large $ 40.-

Cinnamon Custard 

a buttery, flaky tart filled with cinnamon custard

Individual $ 5.-

Large $20.-

Maple Roasted Pear Cheesecake

a luscious organic maple cheesecake topped with organic maple roasted pears on an organic graham cracker crust

$ 15.-

Apple Oat Tart

 a buttery tart shell filled with organic apples, raisins & cinnamon, topped with crunchy oat walnuts

Individual $ 7.-

Large $ 35.-

Berry Frangipane

a buttery tart shell filled with delicious almond cream and topped with organic berries

Individual $ 8.-

Large $ 40.-

Chocolate Tart

unbelievably smooth and rich German chocolate tart

Individual $ 7.-

Large $ 35.-

Raspberry Linzer Torte

a delicious and tenter Austrian specialty, made with part almond flour, spiced with organic cinnamon and cloves, filled with organic raspberry jam

Individual $ 5.-

Large $25.-

Apple Tart Tartin

a flaky french pastry, topped with organic apples and glazed with apricot jam

$ 12.-

Mixed Berry Tart

a flaky french pastry, topped with organic blueberries, blackberries & strawberries, glazed with apricot jam

$ 15.-

Pear Cranberry Cinnamon Streusel

an airy, german cake filled with organic pears & cranberries, topped with an organic cinnamon streusel

Individual $ 6.-

Large $ 36.-

Vegan Spiced Apple Cake

a delicious apple bundt cake with organic  raisins, walnuts & fall spices, glazed with Maple icing

Individual $ 6.-

Large $50.-


all our savory tarts are made from a French pastry dough, deliciously light and flaky, filled with organic spinach, mushrooms, cheddar or organic maple roasted butternut squash & cranberry or organic roasted peppers & goat cheese

Great as an appetizer

Organic Spinach Mushroom Cheddar Tart $ 15.-

Organic maple roasted butternut squash & cranberry $ 15.-

Organic roasted peppers & goat cheese $ 15.-

German Cookies

Strawberry Linzer 

Apricot Linzer

Raspberry Linzer

Lemon Linzer

Chocolate Spritz 

Walnut Spritz

Almond Spritz with Cherry 


Poppy Plum

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We will be accepting pre-orders until Thursday, 11/21/2019.


After that orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For our Cape customers, we will have a pick up location Wednesday, 11/27/2019.

Thank you for choosing Fraulein's Bakery!

Happy Thanksgiving!